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Reading projects of the organization “ZiS - Zeitung in der Schule”

Newspapers in schools

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Logo-Zeitung-in-der-Schule“Zeitung in der Schule (ZIS)” places newspapers in schools, for educational purposes. The manifold benefits of reading newspapers are introduced in media educational projects, in learning and instruction, in order to familiarise children with the use of newspapers as sources of information and entertainment, and as tools [ ... ]  

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Project “Newspaper jungle” in Austria

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ZiS-project-newspaper-jungleThe project “newspaper jungle“ enables primary school children in Austria to become acquainted with newspapers, by becoming reporters themselves. They can practise writing their own storylines or advertisements, headlines etc. The workshops are guided by trained specialists who assist the pupils in finding [ ... ]  

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“Newspaper ahoi” – A newspaper workshop for lower secondary schools in Austria

http: / / www.zis.at / index.aspx?id=251

ZiS-project-Newspaper-ahoiReading newspapers means more than just reading. Reading newspapers means to deal with contents critically and to approach topics with a critical mind, to take new perspectives into account as well as to seek entertainment. The students thus raise their media literacy and reading competencies and they discover the [ ... ]  

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“ZiS-Zeitungsprojekt & ZiS Zeitungsvergleich” Newspaper subscriptions for classrooms in Austria

http: / / www.zis.at / index.aspx?id=5

ZiS-newspaper-comparison-projectThe development of media and reading literacy in young people requires the ability to order and assess high-quality journalism and information from different newspaper sources. The organisation “ZiS-Zeitung in der Schule” (Newspapers in Schools) collaborates with publishing houses and thus offers a [ ... ]  

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