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Promoting Reading in Syria

Mobile Libraries in Syria

http: / / www.syriatrust.org / site / index.php? & project_id=MzY= & tree_id=Nzk=

The “Syria Trust for Development” entertains mobile libraries to offer children and people in rural areas an opportunity to acquire knowledge, strive for lifelong learning and develop their own opinions. The mobile libraries also aim to promote reading as such, and inspire children and young people to use their offerings all year round. In 2006, the two mobile libraries possessed 25,137 books and reached out to 62 schools and more than 6,000 pupils. 

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Rainbow for a better childhood (Syrien)

http: / / www.rainbowculturalpr.com /

“Rainbow for a better childhood” is a non-governmental organisation founded in Damascus in 2002. The organisation is mainly concerned with supporting children, protecting them from violence and abuse and educating them. In the field of early child education and care, the organisation has established several childcare institutions. A children’s library opens doors to reading for the children. Books are colour-coded so that the children can immediately detect thematic scopes (playing, reading, having fun, [ ... ]  

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