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Logo-Freed-am-Leesen“Initiativ Freed um Liesen“ is an organisation that promotes reading- it was founded in Luxemburg in 1997. The institution intends to contribute to, and promote, children’s interest in reading and in books. “Freed um Liesen“ organises a reading and storytelling programme in crèches and in kindergartens to target very young [ ... ]  

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More Information

Total population
514 862

Luxembourgish, French, German (official)

Literacy rate
(age 15 or over who can read)

Total: 100%
Male: 100%
Female: 100%

Functional illiteracy
(de facto)
no data

Educational indicators
Primary (net) enrolment: 97%
Secondary (net) enrolment: 91%
Tertiary (gros) enrolment: 77%
School life expectancy: 13.9 years

Government expenditure
9.8% goes to education

Unemployment (age 15-24)

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