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Promoting Reading in Norway


"Foreningen !les" encourages people to read

Nationwide campaign in Norway

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The Norwegian campaign "Foreningen !les" (The Association Read) collaborates with the National Library of Norway, different organisations, teachers, librarians, booksellers, writers and publishing houses to encourage as many people as possible to read. The Association Read organizes diverse campaigns and projects approaching different target groups in different settings.
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National Centre for Reading Education and Research

http: / / lesesenteret.uis.no /

„Lesesenteret“ (National Centre for Reading Education and Research) is part of the University of Stavanger, within the human sciences faculty. Within university education and research, the centre targets reading education and respective research. The Centre regards itself as an institution specialising in research on reading and writing difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) and is represented in the national network of special needs actors. The Centre moreover promotes reading education and training, reading [ ... ]  

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Norwegian Reading Association (NoRA)

http: / / www.nora-les.no /

The organisation „Norsk forening for leseopplæring“ (NoRA: Norwegian Reading Association) was founded in 1986 aiming to promote reading and writing processes of children and young people. Furthermore, NORA aims to foster enjoyment of reading.
NORA strives to fulfil the following tasks:

  • to further knowledge about reading and writing progression,
  • to support reading and writing development,
  • to overcome reading and writing disorders and target their [ ... ]  

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The Norwegian Institute for Children`s Books

http: / / www.barnebokinstituttet.no /

©Norsk-BarnebokinstitutteThe Norwegian Institute for Children`s Books (Norsk barnebokinstitutt) is situated in the National Library in Oslo: It works toward transmitting and ddisseminating child and youth literature in Norway. The website provides information on current book fairs, literature prizes and author and illustrator portraits. Moreover, the Institute offers training [ ... ]  

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More Information

Total population
4 722 701

Norwegian (official)
Northern Sami, Lule Sami, Kven, Southern Sami (recognized regional languages)

Literacy rate
(age 15 or over who can read)

Total: 100%
Male: 100%
Female: 100%

Functional illiteracy
(de facto)

Educational indicators
Primary (net) enrolment: 97%
Secondary (net) enrolment: 91%
Tertiary (gros) enrolment: 77%
School life expectancy: 17.5 years

Government expenditure
15.2% goes to education

Unemployment (age 15-24)

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