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New Media for Reading Resource Page

There seems to be a huge interest in how new media can be used in order to promote reading amongst children and teenagers. Many devices are being used such as the kindle or the iPad, and more and more apps and e-books are being published. However, there are many questions such as: How to best implement new media for reading development? What works? How do children and their parents use new media? We have found some great resources for you.

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How Books Help to Open Up the Mind

Born and raised in Hunan, China, Lisa Bu emigrated to the United States where she started a new life. In her talk with the now famous TED Talks initiative, she reveals how her love for books and reading helped her to open her mind and to find a place and role she liked in a new world.

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"People Need to See the Program in Action to Understand its Potential"


Interview with Dr. Miriam Westheimer, director of HIPPY International

Dr. Miriam Westheimer has been working in the field of education and social services as a founding executive director, international director, board president, project manager and organizational/educational consultant.

She co-authored the best-selling international textbook and multi-media series Focus on Grammar, now in its third edition. Additionally, based on her experience teaching English in Israel, she helped conceive and create a global course to teach teen-agers and adults how to communicate effectively in English.

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Children Helping Children


Children learn from their peers, and most often from their older brothers and sisters while interacting with each other. And older children like to share what they know with the young ones and take care of them. Arguably, this seems to be one of the most natural forms of transmitting skills and knowledge. The project Getting Ready for School takes advantage of this fact in order to promote literacy skills.

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Conversations With a Book

Prejudices, stereotypes and preconceived notions about those who appear to be different to us have most likely always been part of human communities, often resulting in fear, hate and violence. What can be done about it?

In 2000, the non-governmental group Stop The Violence in Denmark had a great idea. They set up a Human Library with books at the Roskilde music festival in order to challenge prejudices and promote dialogue and understanding among festival visitors. The Roskilde festival is Northern Europes biggest summer festival.

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Home Instruction for Parents and Pre-School Youngsters (HIPPY)

HIPPY International is a program that aims at making an easier transition from the home environment to school for pre-school children. It is aimed at parents of three, four and five-year olds and is meant to help them strengthen their children at various levels and to prepare them for life during and after school.

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PISA study: Let's read them a story

Reading to young children leads to better reading performance at age 15

Reading to children in pre-school and primary school years leads to better reading scores in the PISA reading test compared to children whose parents had not read to them. This shows the OECD study Let’s Read Them a Story! The Parent Factor in Education.

This relationship is especially strong among the tested 15-year-old students in Germany as well as New Zealand. Students of these countries scored higher by 51 points and 63 points, respectively.

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Sister Libraries for Children`s and Young Adult`s Reading

A programme of IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults


In a new programme of IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults, children’s libraries build a partnership, exchange views and experiences, collaborate and develop joint programmes for promoting children’s and YA`s reading.

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Sustainable language promotion through action-oriented reading

Reading plays turn reading into fun for poor readers

reading play

Numerous children find reading arduous once they have learned the alphabet. They perceive reading as boring, difficult and too demanding. Their motivation to read outside the classroom sinks. The Swiss teacher, author, trainer and book reviewer Willy Germann describes how action-oriented reading promotion supports a holistic promotion of language and reading.
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Biblionef International

http: / / www.biblionef.org /

Biblionef puts new children`s books at the disposal of children from 3 to 18 years in disadvantaged areas of developing countries. It has subsequently developed into a network of international aid organisations with the same aim: To provide deprived children and adolescents with new children’s books, thus stimulating their curiosity and desire to learn and laying a solid foundation of knowledge for their future. Biblionef France was the first to be founded in 1989. All the organisations use the name [ ... ]  

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Internationales Kuratorium für das Jugendbuch (IBBY)

http: / / www.ibby.org / index.php?id=266 & L=0

The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) is a non-profit organization which represents an international network of people from all over the world who are committed to bringing books and children together. 

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Verband der Schülerbibliotheken (SLA)

http: / / www.sla.org.uk /

While the School Library Association is located in the UK, many of its members reside all over Europe and in other parts of the world. Anyone who is committed to developing school libraries can join the SLA. Materials provided by the SLA are published in English. SLA members are offered counselling, training, publications and the magazine “The School Librarian“. The SLA is represented in England, Wales and Scotland. SLA is concerned with developing and supporting school libraries and school librarians. In [ ... ]  

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Projects of the School Library Association (SLA)

Collectif de Bibliothécaires et Intervenants en Action Culturelle (COBIAC)

http: / / www.cobiac.org /

The French organisation “Collectif de Bibliothécaires et Intervenants en Action Culturelle” (an association of libraries and volunteers active in culture) is engaged in cultural and literary exchange in France. At an international level, it is engaged in promoting reading and the establishment of library services in developing and emerging countries. COBIAC was founded in 1979 and initially conducted fairs, reading festivals and othr literary events in France. A collection of books (Banque Régionale du [ ... ]  

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“Centres de lecture et d’animation culturelle (CLAC)” - Centres for literature and cultural venues

http: / / www.francophonie.org / -Dans-la-lecture-publique-.html

“Centres de lecture et d’animation culturelle (CLAC)” – Centres for literature and cultural venues –is a programme hosted by the “Organisation internationale de la francophonie” (International Organisation of French-speaking countries), situated in Paris and dedicated to the cause of fostering collaborations in the French-speaking world. To enable populations in rural areas an opportunity to access books, the organisation began to establish reading centres in Benin in 1986. In subsequent years, more such [ ... ]  

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