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Promoting Reading in South Africa

How Copy Shops Make Up For Lack of Books

30 percent of students in South Africa appear to have no adequate access to textbooks they desperately need for school. According to an article in the South African Mail and Guardian, educational publishers think reasons are mainly because of a poor infrastructure with regard to libraries and traditional book distribution in rural areas. But it is not only textbooks. Social entrepreneur Arthur Attwell claims on his blog that indeed most South Africans do not own a book their entire lives.

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Reading and Learning Rooms in Capetonian township

In summer 2010, Reading and Learning Rooms were established in the South African town Mfuleni, a township in Cape Town. The rooms offer pupils the possibility to participate in workshops on various topics and read books and learning material or work on computers after school.

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help2read, South Africa

help2read is a child literacy organisation based in Cape Town that operates in primary schools across South Africa through a volunteer workforce. Currently, help2read is active in 111 schools where 686 volunteers are helping 1528 struggling learners with their reading disabilities.

The objective is to empower disadvantaged learners with vital literacy skills and to encourage a love of reading.  help2read’s vision is for all children to leave primary school literate and enjoying reading. Being able to read is something most people take for granted, but for some, achieving literacy is immensely challenging.

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Interview with Jean Williams

Managing director of Biblionef South Africa

Jean Williams

Reading promotion in South African schools is normally subject to teaching languages and literacy. The teaching of reading ideally takes place in the child’s local indigenous language and after three years, the English language will be added to this. Biblionef donates books for children who are are unable to purchase books, provides funds for the printing of books in African languages and prepares Braille and large print books for visually impaired children.
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Biblionef South Africa

http: / / www.biblionefsa.org.za /

Biblionef_South_AfricaBiblionef puts new children`s books at the disposal of children from 3 to 18 years in disadvantaged areas of developing countries. It has subsequently developed into a network of international aid organisations with the same aim: To provide deprived children and adolescents with new children’s books, thus stimulating their curiosity and desire to learn and [ ... ]  

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Family Literacy Project (FLP)

http: / / www.familyliteracyproject.co.za /

Family-Literacy-Project_in_South_AfricaThe Family Literacy Project’s aim is to make literacy a shared pleasure and valuable skill among families who have had very little formal education and who do not have the resources to buy books and other reading materials. The project work combines four thematic areas: Adult literacy, early learning and literacy, libraries and health. [ ... ]  

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National Book Week in South Africa

http: / / www.sabookcouncil.co.za /

The South African Book Development Council (SABDC), a non-profit organisation for the promotion of reading and literature, held a second nationwide book week in September 2011. The project was jointly managed with the Ministry of Arts and Culture, acting upon findings from a study according to which only 14% of the South African citizens read actively, with 5 % of the parents reading to their children. The book week aims to inspire people to read for pleasure, and to integrate reading into their daily [ ... ]  

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