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Literacy promotion for babies

Digital Footsteps to Early Literacy

The topic Early Literacy seems to become more and more important amongst literacy advocates. However, knowledge about the role of early language exposure to academic success is not a new one.

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Babies Take Statistics About the Languages They Hear

In order to become literate, babies must acquire language. Dr Patricia Kuhl is the co-director of the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences of the University of Washington and well-known for her research on speech sounds and the first critical period in language development with babies.

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My Daddy Reads To Me!

The project Mein Papa liest vor! (My daddy reads to me!) addresses working fathers of children aged from being a baby to twelve years. The project aims to allow the fathers to make a stronger appearance as reading role models, taking up on their responsibility as reading fathers. The initiators Stiftung Lesen thus react upon findings from contemporary studies on reading out aloud, where merely 8 percent of the interviewed children claimed their fathers read to them on a regular basis.

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Servicio de Orientacíon de Lectura (SOL)

The Servicio de Orientacíon de Lectura is an initiative of the Federation of Committees of Spanish Publishing Houses, which together with the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, and in collaboration with the Dirección General del Libro, the library archives of the Ministry of Education, gave birth to this concept.

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“Growing up with books” in Belgium

http: / / www.dglive.be / desktopdefault.aspx / tabid-507 / 746_read-2398

Logo-Mit-Buechern-gross-werdenSince 1997, the media education team of the media centre has conducted the action programme “Growing up with books” to highlight the importance of reading for the development of children. Families are thus supported in instilling a joy of reading and books in children and in enfolding their imaginative [ ... ]  

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Lesestart in Germany – Three Milestones for Reading

Lesestart, the nationwide literacy program for children funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and carried out by Stiftung Lesen, continues for three-year-old children and their parents. The Federal Secretary of Education Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka herself handed out the second Lesestart pack to toddlers and their parents at the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin on November 15, 2013.

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“Bookbug“ reading promotion for babies and infants in Scotland

http: / / www.scottishbooktrust.com / babies-early-years / about

Bookbug-logoScottish Book Trust run the “Bookbug“ programme, which is intended to give all children in Scotland a lifelong love of books. An early contact with books facilitates early literacy and an enjoyment of books and reading.
“Bookbug“ unites different concepts promoting reading in various age groups. For instance, children are given [ ... ]  

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“Läsglädje för livet“ in Sweden

http: / / www.ljusdal.se / invanare / kultur / bibliotek / lasgladjeforlivet.4.7dc1fbfc1163be5d00780001305.html

“Läsglädje för livet“ (Joy of reading for life) is a collaborative project by “Ljusdal kommunbibliotek“ (main manager), “Ljusdal municipality“, “Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan“ and the health centre in Norra Hälingland: books and book packages targeting specific age groups are distributed to babies, infants and preschoolers. This long-term project has been running since 1993.
Babies: New-born babies or newly adopted children receive a book in their first year: “Barnens första bok“ is distributed [ ... ]  

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Bookstart in Denmark

http: / / www.bibliotekogmedier.dk / english / bookstart-program /

Logo_Bogstart“Bogstart“ (Bookstart) is a project that focuses on delivering book packages to babies and infants in disadvantaged regions, facilitating better access to children’s literature and reading. The state co-ordinating office at the Ministry of Culture, “Styrelsen for Bibliotek og Medier“ in Copenhagen, has organized this [ ... ]  

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“Livre et petite enfance” - Promoting reading in early childhood in Paris

http: / / www.seine-saint-denis.fr / Acces-de-tous-a-la-culture.html

Livre-et-petit-enfance To provide preschoolers with access to books and foster an early enjoyment in reading, the administrative body of the district of Seine-Saint-Denis in North-East Paris launched a programme, “livres et petite enfance”, in 1994. The programme consists of four segments and it offers multipliers [ ... ]  

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Bookstart in South Tyrole

http: / / www.provinz.bz.it / bookstart

Logo_Bookstart_South_TyroleSince 2007, the Bookstart project has been carried out in the German and Italian language in South Tyrole subject to a cooperation between the departments for German and Italian culture in the autonomous region of Bozen with many libraries, hospitals, doctors and midwives. At their baby’s birth, parents receive information [ ... ]  

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“Nati per Leggere“ - Born to read

http: / / www.natiperleggere.it /

Logo-Freed-am-LeesenThe national programme “Nati per Leggere“ (Born to Read) aims to inspire an early interest in books and reading. The project is supported by the association of paediatricians (ACP), the Italian Library Association (AIB) and the child health centre (Centro per la Salute del Bambino, CSB). Thus, a national network of libraries, [ ... ]  

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The Early Childhood Learning Resources Project

http: / / www.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au / every_child_magazine / every_child_index / supporting_families_supporting_children.html

”Early Childhood Learning Resources“ was a project jointly carried out by Monash University, University of Melbourne, Early Childhood Australia and Education Services Australia Limited (formerly Curriculum Corporation). Over a period of two years (until 2006), the project prepared a variety of resources for educators, parents and professionals targeting literacy and numeracy education of infants (0-5 years).
Besides offering targeted information resources such as a literature review and “good [ ... ]  

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“Leer en Familia“ Reading in the Family in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=2

Inspired by the “Bookstart“ experience in the United Kingdom, Fundalectura adapted the concept in 2003 and applied it to Colombia. Supported by cultural and educational institutions, children are provided with books as soon as they are born, regardless of their parents’ social status wherever they live, thus independent from aspects that might otherwise have a negative effect on their reading socialisation. “Reading in the family“ targets children from when they are born till the age of six years and [ ... ]  

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„Give me an A“ in Norway

http: / / www.gimegena.no /

The reading project „Gi meg en A“ (Give me an A) is carried out in the community of Trysil and targets children from birth onwards, aiming to create a reading network of local institutions (mother centres, child daycare centres, schools, libraries, book retailers, the community and cultural entrepreneurs) in order to systematise and expand reading promotion in the community. The organisers are convinced that reading (and reading to children) fosters fundamental values in supporting the social development [ ... ]  

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„Preparing for Life“ - Ireland

http: / / www.preparingforlife.ie /

Since 2007, the „Preparing for Life“ research project has supported parents from pregnancy to the school enrolment of hteir children with early childhood education and care programmes. Parents receive books, developmental toys and training and information regarding their children’s development and health. Different mehtods of evaluation are applied throughout the course of the programme. It is jointly funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, [ ... ]  

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“Talk To Your Baby“ - United Kingdom

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / talk_to_your_baby

“Talk To Your Baby“ is a project of the UK National Literacy Trust, targeting parents and carers of babies, toddlers and infants from birth to under three years of age. The project is monitored across a period of three years (2009-2011). The project encourages parents and carers to talk, sing and read with their children as often as possible. The website also provides access to relevant resources which are designed as a tool for use by professionals who work with parents and carers, focusing on the [ ... ]  

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„Bookstart“ in South Korea

http: / / www.bookstart.org / bt_H_9_1.asp

Bookstart-Korea has been gifting book packs to babies since April 2003 in 99 localities (46%) across the country. Bookstart package reaches 120,000 babies each year, and the number is increasing every year. The programme currently reaches around 120,000 babies per year via deliveries in public health centres and public libraries. An additional `Bookstart Plus` pack aimed at 3-4-year-olds was launched in 2007 and `Bookstart Treasure Chest` for five and six year olds in 2008. The programme receives funding [ ... ]  

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„Books for Babies“ in New Zealand

http: / / christchurchcitylibraries.com / Learning / BooksForBabies /

©Christchurch-City-Libraries”Books for Babies“ has been carried out by the Christchurch City Libraries since 1990. Each year, ca. 5,000 “Books for Babies“-packages are distributed to all parents of newborns by hospitals, midwives and the homebirth association. These packs contain the board book “Baby’s World“ featuring large, black and white figures especially [ ... ]  

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„Book Buzz“ in Australia

http: / / www.indigenousliteracyproject.org.au / BookBuzz /

Book Buzz is part of the Indigenous Literacy Project (Links zur Institution), aiming to foster the reading skills of indigenous people in Australia, particularly children, in remote areas. Book Buzz provides families with babies, infants and pre-school children with book packages. Each of the book packages contains twelve books for children that have been selected by experts from the Fred Hollows Foundation together with the book industry.
Several copies of the book packages are sent to schools. [ ... ]  

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„Better Beginnings“ - Early reading intervention in West Australia

http: / / www.better-beginnings.com.au /

Better Beginnings is an early intervention family literacy program that has been developed by the State Library of Western Australia. Its stated purpose is to provide positive language and literacy influences for young children through supporting parents as their children`s first teacher. The program is based on a strong cooperation between health professionals, local governments and public libraries. A high degree of consultation and engagement with local communities is involved. Better Beginnings has [ ... ]  

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Read to Me! Kanada

http: / / www.readtome.ca /

Read_to_meRead to Me! is a network of provincial partners with the shared goal of supporting early literacy in Nova Scotia. It is a provincial, hospital-based program developed to help families enrich their child’s early years with books and reading. In Atlantic Canada, 52 of the population have limited literacy skills or experience great difficulty reading (International Adult [ ... ]  

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Bookstart in Japan

http: / / www.bookstart.net /

Booksartpack_in_JapanBookstart aims to create opportunities for parents and babies to spend happy times together by allowing them to experience the joy of sharing books and providing them a free pack of books. The opportunities are made by the partnership of people and relevant local organizations, such as library services, health centres, family support centres and local [ ... ]  

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“Boekbaby’s” - Book Babies in Belgium

http: / / www.boekbabys.be /

Book_Babies_in_BelgiumInspired by the British campaign Bookstart, “Stichting Lezen Flanders” is encouraging young parents to share an interest in books with their young children. Until 2007 a pilot project ran in ten local authorities and libraries. Young families were given a package of books, library information, and book vouchers on three occasions during the first three years of their [ ... ]  

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Swiss Bookstart project

http: / / www.buchstart.ch

Buchstart-SchweizThe Swiss project “Bookstart“ (Buchstart) views early language development as part of health development. Switzerland’s Bookstart aims to support all children born in Switzerland in their first year, and making the workld of books and knowledge accessible to them. Parents are made aware of how they can foster their child’s language and perception skills. Each child [ ... ]  

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Bookstart (UK)

http: / / www.bookstart.org.uk

Bookstart provide each baby in the United Kingdom with a set of books, and supports health and education professionals as well as parents with guidance regarding early learning and reading. Furthermore, it targets librarians and booksellers as regards advice and partnership solutions for selecting the book packs. 

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Fast Lane - language and literacy initiative in Kirklees (UK)

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk /

FAST LANE`s Babies into Books scheme FAST LANE is a community-wide language and literacy initiative which operates in Kirklees. The Babies into Books programme gives parents and carers of children up to two years old the opportunity to join a BIB group where they can meet other families, make books and puppets, choose and share books with their toddlers and hear about how children learn to read, draw and write. BIB groups are held in a range of settings - schools, community centres, church halls, [ ... ]  

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READY! for kindergarten (US-American programme)

http: / / www.readyforkindergarten.org

READY! for Kindergarten is an educational program for parents who want their children to have a successful learning experience. It offers families’ readiness skills called Kindergarten targets, tools and training about children`s early learning years, birth to five years old. Children who are taught these skills at home get off to a great start at school. The goal of the READY! for Kindergarten program is to provide information to parents about how their child learns at each age level, along with [ ... ]  

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