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Prepare for Life: Language Education Is More Than Learning the Alphabet

The International Expert Conference of early childhood language and reading skills want to work on a recommendation catalogue.

More than 130 participants from 35 different countries discussed cultural, social and political parameters for up-to-date early childhood language and reading skills at the international expert conference "Prepare for Life! Raising awareness for Early Literacy Education“ in Leipzig from 12th to 14th March.

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Now only a mouseclick away: Projects promoting reading around the world

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At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2008, the German reading foundation Stiftung Lesen and the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) will launch an online platform that will successively deliver a comprehensive overview of activities promoting reading throughout the world. This new service is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
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International exchange on reading promotion and reading research

“Reading Worldwide” now features English-language Wiki

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This open work and communication platform shall enable and support international knowledge transfer in the field of reading promotion and respective research. The newly launched Wiki allows users to upload contents, or to process and annotate existing ones. New projects in the field of reading promotion are featured on “Reading worldwide” as well as current findings from research on reading.
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