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Promoting Reading in Italy


“Nati per Leggere” - Born to read

Reading promotion in early childhood in Italy

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The national programme “Nati per Leggere” (Born to Read) aims to inspire an early interest in books and reading. The project is supported by the association of paediatricians (ACP), the Italian Library Association (AIB) and the child health centre (Centro per la Salute del Bambino, CSB). Paediatricians inform parents about the importance of reading, and reading to their children, on the occasion of regular checkups.
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Interview with Dr Helga Hofmann

South Tyrolean Reading Forum, Office for Libraries and Reading

Dr Helga Hofmann

The framework regulations for primary and general secondary schools in South Tyrol highlight the special role of libraries as a learning sphere. A special training for teachers contributes to anchoring the school library and reading promotion activities in lessons. The Lese Forum Südtirol (South Tyrolean Reading Forum) provides an open platform for sharing projects and networking activities from institutions and organisations engaging in reading promotion.
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(Child and Youth Book Centre at the South Tyrol Institute for Culture) (Jukibuz)

http: / / www.kulturinstitut.org / hauptnavigation / jukibuz.html

The South Tyrol Book Institute was founded in 1954 with the aim to foster the German language and related culture in the area of South Tyrol, by organising events and setting up initiatives. In 1999, the child and youth centre was started. It supports children and young people with an enthusiasm for reading and writing in the German language, many of its projects are now performed on a regular basis (along with partners). 

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Libraries in Italy

http: / / www.goethe.de / ins / it / lp / wis / bib / itb / deindex.htm

The Goethe Institute in Rome presents special activities and institutions in the field of library services in Italy, with portraits of libraries in Milan and the surrounding area. In Italy, the school libraries are in charge of promoting reading and of teaching library research competencies, their programmes and projects are supported by the Italian ministry of education. One of the most significant institutions for children and young people’s library services is the “Biblioteca De Amicis“ in Genua, [ ... ]  

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International Children`s and Youth Library “Biblioteca De Amicis“ in Genua

http: / / www.comune.genova.it / portal / template / viewTemplate?templateId=9u460h1nfc_layout_j9twz51ng3l.psml

“Biblioteca De Amicis“ was founded as Italy’s first child and youth library in 1971 in Genua following the example of the International Child and Youth Library in Munich. The library is acclaimed for its innovative activities, it promotes literacy and especially media and information competency.
In particular, the library maintains many reading clubs for different age groups. Many libraries across Italy have implemented the project “Nati per Leggere“ (Born to Read), targeting children from birth to [ ... ]  

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Cultural Association “Hamelin“

http: / / www.hamelin.net /

“Hamelin“ is a cultural association dedicated to promoting child literacy. Besides its many other activities, the organisation runs the national reading competition “Xanadu. Comunità di lettori ostinati“ (Xanadu. society of avid readers). Experts for child and youth literature from Bologna University are organised in “Hamelin Associazione Culturale“. “Hamelin“ sets up so-called “reading pathways“(percorsi di lettura) for different school types as well as bibliographies, and hosts retraining courses for [ ... ]  

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Association engaged in the promotion of reading and literature in Italy

http: / / www.presidi.org /

„I Presìdi del libro“ is an association of local societies engaged in the promotion of reading and literature in Italy. The priorities span a broad range of activities, programmes and events. „I Presìdi del libro“ was established in 2002 by eight publishing houses from Apulia. Similar associations have since been founded in the region of Piemont, in Sardinia and other regions. Since 2003, the association targets anyone who takes an interest in literature. Local societies (Presìdi del libro) have been [ ... ]  

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More Information

Total population
61 482 297

Italian (official)

Literacy rate
(age 15 or over who can read)

Total: 99%
Male: 99.2%
Female: 98.7%

Functional illiteracy
(de facto)

Educational indicators
Primary (net) enrolment: 97%
Secondary (net) enrolment: 91%
Tertiary (gross) enrolment: 77%
School life expectancy: 16.1 years

Government expenditure
9.1% goes to education

Unemployment (age 15-24)

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