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Promoting Reading in Switzerland


Intercultural reading animation in Switzerland

Ambassadors of language and culture for multilingual events

Intercultural reading animator

The Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media (SIKJM) provides contacts to competent reading animators who support preschool institutions, libraries and family centres in organizing events held in another or more than one language. The SIKJM has placed an information module on its website presenting suggestions for multilingual events, making them accessible to all interested parties.
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111 111 Bookstart packs have been distributed to new-born babies!

“Bookstart Switzerland” enables joyful access to the language universe

Bookstart Switzerland, © Theo Gstöhl, Chur

In December 2011, the 111 111th Swiss baby received a Bookstart pack containing not only two picture books for babies, but also a book for parents listing many practical suggestions for fostering their children’s language and awareness. “Bookstart Switzerland” is a co-operation that aims to foster children’s language competencies from the day they are born, thus providing them with access to the universe of language and imaginative creativity.
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“Turn the volume on and open your book”

Listening as a first step towards reading


It is always hard to begin something new, such as reading. The project “Ton ab, Buch auf“ (Turn the volume on, open your books), organised by the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media (SIKJM), thus offers pupils aged between ten and twelve years an easy access to reading books. The beginnings of stories are presented in MP3audio format to motivate children to open the respective books and continue reading the stories.
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Association Battle of the Books (Switzerland)

http: / / www.bataille-des-livres.ch

Logo-Association-Battle-of-the-BooksThe organisation “Bataille des Livres” (Battle of Books) was founded in Switzerland in 1997. Today, it is engaged in eight francophone countries - in Burkina Faso, Belgium, France, Haiti, Canada, Rwanda, Senegal and Switzerland – in canada it is called “Bain de lecture” (Reading [ ... ]  

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Bibliomedia Schweiz

http: / / www.bibliomedia.ch / de /

Logo-Bibliomedia-SchweizBibliomedia Schweiz is engaged as a central resource library for public libraries, schools and other institutions involved in promoting reading and culture. The three Bibliomedia library centres are located in Solothurn, Lausanne and Biasca, which pursuant to the overarching mission, customize their services to particular [ ... ]  

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Literacy Centre of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

http: / / www.zentrumlesen.ch /

University_of_Applied_The Fachhoschule Nordwestschweiz, Pädagogische Hochschule, Zentrum LESEN (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, School for Teacher Education, Literacy Centre) at the Fachhochschule Aargau Nordwestschweiz (university of applied sciences, teacher education) on the one hand conducts research in the areas of [ ... ]  

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Reading forum Switzerland. Literacy in research and practice

http: / / www.leseforum.ch /

©Leseforum-SchweizThis website addresses experts dealing with literacy in research and practice as well as the interested public. In this context, litracy is understood as the capability to deal with written texts, as well as text-based media in all contexts of social life and at all age levels. The internet service is meant to strengthen the professional discourse on literacy [ ... ]  

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Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media (SIKJM)

http: / / www.sikjm.ch

The Schweizerische Institut für Kinder- und Jugendmedien (SIKJM) – the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media- is concerned with research and documentation in the field of child and youth literature as well as reading promotion. Its academic journals Buch&Maus (German), Parole (French) and Il Folletto (Italian) publish current and background information targeting experts in the field. The SIKJM holds branches in the French-speaking region and in Ticino. Eleven regional organisations are associated [ ... ]  

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More Information

Total population
7 996 026

German, French, Italian, Romansh (official)

Literacy rate
(age 15 or over who can read)

Total: 99%
Male: 99%
Female: 99%

Functional illiteracy
(de facto)

Educational indicators
Primary (net) enrolment: 97%
Secondary (net) enrolment: 91%
Tertiary (gros) enrolment: 77%
School life expectancy: 15.8 years

Government expenditure
16.2% goes to education

Unemployment (age 15-24)

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