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Promoting Reading in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


The Power of Poems in the Waiting Room

People in a waiting room oscillate somewhere between hope and depression. Poems may help to initiate positive emotions and healing.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: "How much of human life is lost in waiting." This could not be more true than for people in a physician's waiting room. According to a survey, patients spend an average of 21 minutes waiting to see the doctor in the Unites States. But most people can tell stories of waiting for one hour and longer, even with an appointment.

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Shared Reading for the Elderly in the UK

More and more people are getting older, quite a couple of them feeling alone or isolated, even while staying in dedicated senior homes. What is more, dementia is on the rise, too. The project Get Into Reading developed a literature-based intervention model tackling those issues. The main feature of this model is that literature is read aloud and shared by all participants. Get Into Reading emphasizes classic literature as a tool for offering models of human thinking and feeling.

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Some more champions in London

Peer volunteers positively impact family literacy

An evaluation report published by the National Literacy Trust indicates that peer volunteers improve how parents support their children’s literacy and language development. As part of the project London Literacy Champions, nearly 500 community volunteers worked with over 1500 families from 20 London boroughs from June 2011 to July 2012.

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The Reading Revolution on Merseyside, UK

A project with a large social outreach


The Reader Organisation, based on Merseyside, UK, wants to bring about a Reading Revolution. It works to maximise access to books and enjoyable shared reading to ensure that books do not remain on shelves, unread and ineffective but get into the hands of people who can really benefit from them. The leading social outreach project ‘Get Into Reading’ delivers weekly reading groups aiming to improve wellbeing, build community and extend reading enjoyment.
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National Literacy Trust (NLT)

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / index.html

National-Literacy-Trust-logoThe National Literacy Trust is an independent charity founded in 1993, which intends to improve literacy skills and reading competence in the United Kingdom. Its campaigns (e.g. Reading is Fundamental, Talk to Your Baby) intend to empower people from all age groups and social backgrounds as regards reading and [ ... ]  

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http: / / www.booktrust.org.uk

Booktrust is an independent national charity that encourages people of all ages and cultures to discover and enjoy reading. Booktrust conducts campaigns and reading and writing contests, it organises national reading programmes throughout the United Kingdom. It is associated with related institutions, foundations and campaigns both at a national and an international level. For instance, it is egaged in the campaign Book Start, where each baby born in the United Kingdom receives a package with appropriate [ ... ]  

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Interview with Dr Roland Marden

Booktrust Research and Development Manager

Logo of Booktrust

Diverse activities organised by Booktrust aim to establish a contact to books and to kindle a motivation for reading by this and other means. Dr. Roland Marden, the research and development director, talks about book donation campaigns and a project for eleven-year-old children who can choose a book amongst a selection and keep it.
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More Information

Total population
63 695 574

English (official)
Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Scots, Ulster-Scots, Welsh, Cornish (recognized regional languages)

Literacy rate
(age 15 or over who can read)

Total: 99%
Male: 99%
Female: 99%

Functional illiteracy
(de facto)

Educational indicators
Primary (net) enrolment: 97%
Secondary (net) enrolment: 91%
Tertiary (gross) enrolment: 77%
School life expectancy: 16.7 years

Government expenditure
11.3% goes to education

Unemployment (age 15-24)

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