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Promoting Reading in Serbia


Lively exchange between Pozega and Westoverledingen

Serbian and German library forge a “sister libraries” relationship

Children invent flower fairy tales

The IFLA project “Sister Libraries“ was founded in November 2009, in order to inspire international library partnerships and to activate a worldwide exchange of experiences in the field of reading promotion in children’s libraries. Libraries from all over the world have so far joined the project, among them the local library of Westoverledingen in Lower Saxony (Germany) and the children’s library in Pozega (Serbia)
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More Information

Total population
7 243 007

Serbian (official)

Literacy rate
(age 15 or over who can read)

Total: 98%
Male: 99.2%
Female: 96.6%

Functional illiteracy
(de facto)
no data

Educational indicators
Primary (net) enrolment: 95%
Secondary (net) enrolment: 83%
Tertiary (gros) enrolment: 68%
School life expectancy: 13.6 years

Government expenditure
9.5% goes to education

Unemployment (age 15-24)

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