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Data protection

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

We are seriously concerned with the protection of our users’ privacy. Hence, the following data protection regulations apply to you as a user of “Reading worldwide“:

Data ascertainment is anonymous

As a rule, you can visit “Reading worldwide“ without informing us who you are. We are only aware of your internet service provider (ISP), the website from where you reach us, and the site you are visiting on “Reading worldwide“. These data are evaluated for statistical purposes. You as an individual user remain unknown.

Ascertainment and processing of personal data

Personal data are only ascertained for the fulfilment of contracts, surveys, and the registration of personalised services. In using personalised services provided by “Reading worldwide“ you agree to the ascertainment and processing of data as described below.

Your registration data can be saved for purposes of answering queries, information requests and the like, and for the improvement of our electronic services. The personal data are only saved for an adequate period of time in order to be able to answer relevant enquiries. Afterwards, the personal data are deleted and only the task related data are stored for evaluation purposes.

Transfer and processing of data into states outside the European Economic Region (EWR)

Personal data are not transferred to states not belonging to the European Economic Region.

Dissemination of data

The data ascertained by „Reading worldwide“ are only used by “Reading worldwide“ itself, for the purpose of improving the electronic services provided by “Reading worldwide“, as described above. The data are not disseminated to third parties.



Data protection