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“Vi læser for livet“ Cross-curricular reading promotion in Denmark


“Vi læser for livet” (Reading for life) is a project run by the Danish Teacher Association “Danmarks Lærerforening (DLF)”. The idea of subject-related reading and writing, primarily in lower secondary school, is essential for this reading project.

Many students leave school without having acquired sufficient reading and writing skills, but reading instruction should not be limited to Danish lessons in primary school. Rather, it is a matter of concern for all school subjects and grades. Teachers of all subjects and grades are responsible for the reading progress of their pupils. DLF has therefore launched the project to assist teachers at a professional level, based on scientific evidence, to foster reading competencies in a more targeted and successful manner.

The project’s objectives are:

- to contribute to reducing the number of students who leave compulsory education with poor reading competencies

- to create involvement and knowledge about reading with teachers in all subjects and thus work towards improving the reading efforts in the entire schooling and in all subjects

Project activities:

The project runs over a period of 3 years from 2011-2013 and has many different activities.

First, the project gave all the public schools in Denmark the opportunity to “Borrow an expert” on subject-related reading and writing. “Borrow an expert” is an offer to the schools to receive a 2 hour introduction to subject-related reading and writing followed by 6 consultancy hours from the expert. The project received 308 applications for this activity and accepted them all.

Secondly, five Danish schools are given the opportunity to start and implement a school development project. These pilot projects are supposed to last two years. DLF support the pilot schools by offering 16 teaching lessons and 10 consultancy hours, from a reading expert, and the projects are evaluated at the end of the period. For this offer DLF received 64 and selected five schools.

Target Group:Children; Youth;  
Internet:http: / / www.dlf.org / undervisning / vi+l%c3%a6ser+for+livet / om+l%c3%a6seprojektet