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Computers for children in Danish libraries

Logo_Kidsmart“KidSmart” is a project jointly organised by the state coordinating office at the Ministry of Culture, “Styrelsen for Bibliothek og Medier” and IBM, placing computers for children aged three to six years in libraries. These computers, which are made available free of charge, serve to provide children with first IT experiences. The computer presents children with tasks they have to solve, it stimulates language, reading and an awareness of numbers. Moreover, the computer can foster social communication, social integration and the development of information competencies.

The project does not only address these above mentioned challenges to children, but also takes their parents into account. Parents are invited to participate in the activities and support their children in the development of ”digital literacy”.

“KidSmart”-computers have been set up in 15 countries, e.g. in kindergartens, including an integrated kindergarten in Berlin.

By May 2011, 54 Danish libraries had applied for an IBM computer. 40 computers are still available. Preference is given to libraries in structurally weak, remote regions in Denmark.

Target Group:Infants; Children;  
Internet:http: / / www.bibliotekogmedier.dk / biblioteksomraadet / fokusomraader / boern / kidsmart /