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Logo_Bogstart“Bogstart“ (Bookstart) is a project that focuses on delivering book packages to babies and infants in disadvantaged regions, facilitating better access to children’s literature and reading. The state co-ordinating office at the Ministry of Culture, “Styrelsen for Bibliotek og Medier“ in Copenhagen, has organized this national reading promotion project since 2009. ”Bogstart“ is projected for a duration of four years. In order to provide particularly babies and infants from remote areas with access to books, librarians visit families in 15 communities across Denmark and present book packages to them, thus encouraging them to enjoy books and reading. At the ages of six months, a year, 18 months and three years respectively, the children receive book packages appropriate for their age groups. These packs also include CDs, DVDs and coloring books.

During their visits, librarians inform the parents on the importance of reading with their children for the development of a positive attitude and language competency.

Participating libraries in the 15 communities additionally host events targeting small children, thus practicing early literacy promotion in the libraries and supporting particularly the language development of disadvantaged children.

The “Bogstart“ project is subject to scientific monitoring: The Center for Børnesprog, Syddansk Universitetet (Children’s Language Institute), conducted a study in early 2011 to assess the relevance of “Bogstart“ regarding the language development of infants. Moreover, Frederikke Winther (fw@dpu.dk) from the Center for Børnelitteratur, Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitetsskole (Center for Children’s Literature) at Aarhus University is investigating in how far ”Bogstart“ is working as a literary, cultural and socially integrative project. Findings from her research will contribute to developing the project further.

Target Group:Babies; Infants; Families;  
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