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“Livre et petite enfance” - Promoting reading in early childhood in Paris


To provide preschoolers with access to books and foster an early enjoyment in reading, the administrative body of the district of Seine-Saint-Denis in North-East Paris launched a programme, “livres et petite enfance”, in 1994.

The programme consists of four segments and it offers multipliers such as educators and carers and parents high-quality books for babies and infants as well as useful information on promoting reading in early childhood. The project “Boîtes à livres” (book box) delivers sets of between 120 and 180 books for children under the age of three years to child daycare centres, kindergartens, community centres and parental guidance centres. The assortment comprehends 230 titles from different publishers and of different types, thus covering a broad scope. So far, 190 institutions have received such a box of books.

Books are selected by a committee of administrators, in collaboration with experts on children’s literature. In the course of the programme, a centre was established for scientifically monitoring progress in early reading/reading aloud activities (“Observatoire des pratiques de lectures avec les jeunes enfants” - monitoring office for reading with infants). The fourth component of “Livre et petite enfance” supports authors in conceptualising new books for children. Each year, a book is published in this framework and sent to the respective institutions for further dissemination.

Target Group:Babies; Infants;  
Internet:http: / / www.seine-saint-denis.fr / Acces-de-tous-a-la-culture.html