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Nordisk Projektbank - Database for literacy promotion projects in the Nordic countries

Nordisk Projektbank aims to deliver educators and teachers with a comprehensive information system regarding literacy promotion projects in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It comprises projects relating to infants, pre-school and school children as well as young people in vocational education, reaching from local projects based in communities to research studies with an international scope. Apart from enabling the professionals in reading, writing and language education to access information, the database is open to anyone interested in the subject. Its intention is to disseminate information, inspire new activities and networking, and encourage an exchange of ideas. Projects can be inspected in an overview, or searched by field of activity, target group. Providers can register their own projects.

Target Group:Infants; Children; Youth;  
Internet:http: / / www.humaniora.sdu.dk / boernesprog / nordiskprojektbank / web /