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The More Books The Better (Portugal)

The_More_Books_The_BetterInclusion in 5th and 6th year Portuguese weekly classes, of time (50 minutes) devoted to reading and writing activities based on books which are appropriate to the different levels of the students’ language skills. Inclusion, in the programming of other activities of periods devoted to reading and writing and contact with books, newspapers and magazines which are appropriate to the students’ interests and levels of their language skills

The program provides budget for school libraries’ acquisition of different types of books (fiction, poetry, drama and science books) magazines, internet resources, to be used in classroom reading and writing activities and to promote independent reading for pleasure. It also provides technical orientation on continuous use, in class, of the resources available in school libraries and stimulates children’s meeting with authors and illustrators, book fairs, competitions, games, prizes and activities of a recreational character.

Target Group:Children;  
Internet:http: / / www.planonacionaldeleitura.gov.pt / index.php?s=textos & pid=2131 & fpid=2151 & tab1id=0 & tab2id=0

Institution:    (Commission for the) National Reading Plan (Portugal)