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National Centre for Reading in Denmark

Address Titangade 11
 DK – 2200 København N
E-Mail: info@videnomlaesning.dk
Internet: http: / / www.videnomlaesning.dk / om-os / in-english /
Phone: 4189 9090

Logo_Nationalt_Videncenter_for_Laesning“Nationalt Videncenter for Laesning” (National knowledge/competence center for reading) is an institution based in Copenhagen, transferring knowledge and competencies in reading and writing to parents, teachers, students, reading mentors and other pedagogues. Founded by the Ministry of Education in 2006, the center is now affiliated to the seven University Colleges in Denmark.

The center aims to strengthen reading and writing competencies of children and students. Therefore, the institution conducts applied research and development activities in pedagogical training and in the professional practice of kindergartens and schools, in the domains of reading, writing and spoken language. Furthermore, the “Nationalt Videncenter for Laesning” aims to translate and establish new research findings into practice.

Apart from conducting diverse projects, the center recommends books and other reading matter, guidance for parents and pedagogues. Courses and conferences are offered several times a year.

Twice a year, “Nationalt Videncenter for Laesning” publishes a journal in its own right.