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The Finnish Reading Center

Address Villa Kivi, Linnunlauluntie 7, Pl 8
 00531 Helsinki
Internet: http: / / www.lukukeskus.fi /
Phone: (09) 774 6110

The Finish reading centre “Lukukeskus“ offers events such as public readings with authors or reading events four children and young people, aiming to foster an interest in reading for pleasure and a liking for literature. The reading centre also publishes three literary magazines with reviews and reading recommendations: “Vinski“ targets children, “Lukufiilis“ addresses young people, and “Kiiltomato.net“ is a bilingual online review medium focusing on book reviews.

The reading centre also organises readings with authors in remoter locations, such as libraries and schools in smaller towns. These venues provide opportunities for talking to authors and questioning them. In many cases, such a personal contact inspires children to start reading themselves. Moreover, the reading centre offers tips to interested parties, e.g. teachers or librarians, regarding the successful planning and organization of readings with authors.

Subject to the project “Möt författaren“ (meet a writer), Finno-Swedish children and youngsters can meet Swedish language authors so that they can experience literature in their own cultural context.