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Address Wipplingerstraße 15
 A-1010 Wien
E-Mail: office@zis.at
Internet: http: / / www.zis.at /
Phone: (01) 533 61 78 / 124
Fax: (01) 533 61 78 / 122

Logo-Zeitung-in-der-Schule“Zeitung in der Schule (ZIS)” places newspapers in schools, for educational purposes. The manifold benefits of reading newspapers are introduced in media educational projects, in learning and instruction, in order to familiarise children with the use of newspapers as sources of information and entertainment, and as tools for acquiring media literacy. In a step-by-step approach, children are taught to access newspapers, to distinguish reports from commentaries, to integrate and analyse graphic information sources (diagrams, photos etc.). Since 1995, ZIS has collaborated with all of the commercial daily and weekly newspapers and magazines to promote a journalistic type of reading promotion n Austria.

 Project “Newspaper jungle” in Austria
 “Newspaper ahoi” – A newspaper workshop for lower secondary schools in Austria
 “ZiS-Zeitungsprojekt & ZiS Zeitungsvergleich” Newspaper subscriptions for classrooms in Austria