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Address 21, rue de Schoenfels
 8151 Bridel
E-Mail: linsterg@pt.lu
Internet: http: / / www.freed-um-liesen.lu /
Phone: 00352 338657
Fax: 00352 330190

Logo-Freed-am-Leesen“Initiativ Freed um Liesen“ is an organisation that promotes reading- it was founded in Luxemburg in 1997. The institution intends to contribute to, and promote, children’s interest in reading and in books. “Freed um Liesen“ organises a reading and storytelling programme in crèches and in kindergartens to target very young children. School festivals and holiday programmes are offered to older children. Furthermore, the organisation collaborates closely with libraries. For instance, school classes are invited to visit the school libraries, and attend professional storytelling activities.

Many other projects such as “E Buch am Zuch“, an activity that takes place at the Luxemburg train station on the occasion of the World Day of Books, or the children’s radio programme “Krappschass & Co“, are aimed at fostering a joy of reading in children. In these cases, “Freed um Liesen“ cooperates with other organisations such as the national literature centre or the radio broadcasting channel 100,7. To make library visits more appealing to school classes, “Freed um Liesen“ organises professional readings.