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Cultural Association “Hamelin“

Address Via Zamboni, 15
 40126 Bologna (BO)
E-Mail: info@hamelin.net
Internet: http: / / www.hamelin.net /
Phone: (+39) 051 233401
Fax: (+39) 051 2915120

“Hamelin“ is a cultural association dedicated to promoting child literacy. Besides its many other activities, the organisation runs the national reading competition “Xanadu. Comunità di lettori ostinati“ (Xanadu. society of avid readers). Experts for child and youth literature from Bologna University are organised in “Hamelin Associazione Culturale“. “Hamelin“ sets up so-called “reading pathways“(percorsi di lettura) for different school types as well as bibliographies, and hosts retraining courses for librarians and teachers. “Hamelin“ also attributes a significant role to cartoons and illustrations.

Every four months, the journal “Hamelin. Storie, figure, pedagogia“ is published, presenting summaries of its work (contributions focus on pedagogy, child literature, cartoons, illustrations, reading suggestions)

The association’s publications include a work on the past twenty years of Italian child and youth literature as well as an entry in the child encyclopedia edited by the institution Tricani on ”imagination”.