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„La Joie par les livres“ - Freude durch Bücher

Address Quai François Mauriac
 75706 Paris Cedex 13
E-Mail: prenom.nom@bnf.fr
Internet: http: / / lajoieparleslivres.bnf.fr /
Phone: +33 01 53 79 53 79
Fax: +33 01 53 79 41 80

The organisation “La Joie par les livres“ was founded in 1963 by a private sponsor, Anne Gruner-Schlumberger. The organisation intends to provide children with free access to a library in their neighbourhood. The respective library was opened in 1965.

Today, “La Joie par les livres“ is associated with the French National Library. The organisation is now supported by more than 20 partners, e.g. libraries, educational institutions, the international centre for child and youth literature studies (CIELJ) and publishing houses.

The organisation aims to promote child and youth literature as well as child and youth libraries: It publishes works on child and youth literature and generally supports child and youth literacy.

The organisation also publishes a bi-monthly magazine, dealing with current child and youth literature (“La Revue des livres pour enfants“). Moreover, it publishes reading lists for young people, organises training for librarians, teachers, etc., promotes international exchange programmes and organises mobile exhibitions.

The organisation does not pursue a direct approach in literacy promotion, e.g. by targeting children and youths by projects. Rather, a mediate strategy is applied by providing information materials and trainings for multipliers, and offering exchange opportunities.