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Reading centre Steiermark (Austria)

Address Eggenberger Allee 15a
 A-8020 Graz
E-Mail: office@lesezentrum.at
Internet: http: / / www.lesezentrum.at /
Phone: ++43 / 316 / 68 53 57-0
Fax: ++43 / 316 / 68 53 57-14


Lesezentrum (Reading Centre) Steiermark assists with setting up libraries in communities, parishes, schools, boarding schools, hospitals etc.) and counsels on books and other media. It also inspires and accompanies reading motivation events, provides for initial and further training of librarians and is concerned with reading education. It thus participates in planning and setting up a strong library network in the Steiermark region. By its co-operation in the„Labuka project (reading islands), as well as its participation in the Steiermark reading initiative, the reading centre is also strongly involved in reading promotion and reading motivation, targeting children, youths, and adults alike.

 Labuka – reading islands for children in Graz (Austria)
 Reading initiative Steiermark (Austria)