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The Estonian Children`s Literature Centre

Address Pikk 73
 10133 Tallinn
E-Mail: eltk@eltk.ee
Internet: http: / / www.eltk.ee / the-estonian-childrens-literature-centre
Phone: +372 6 466 488
Fax: +372 61 77 230

The Estonian Children`s Literature Centre was established in 1933. The centre acts as an archives library, specialised information centre of children’s literature, development and training centre, art gallery and children’s library. It organises local events for children and adults and nationwide projects, gives children’s books awards. Major projects are the Nukits Competition (Young Reader`s Choice Award), the Raisin of the Year Award, the Muhv Award, the Round Table on Children`s Literature, the Read Aloud Day on 20 October, exhibitions and creative contests.