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Estnische Lesestiftung / Estonian Reading Association

Address Narva rd. 25
 10120 Tallinn
E-Mail: reading@tlu.ee
Internet: http: / / www.lugemisyhing.ee / EstRA / Estra_engl.htm

Estonian-Reading-AssociationThe Estonian Reading Association (EstRA) is a non-profit organisation established in 1992 and currently has about 200 members from various walks of life: teachers, research fellows, speech therapists, special education teachers, librarians, psychologists, journalists, students and so on.

The goals of the Estonian Reading Association are: the enhancement of language competence among children, adolescents and adults in Estonia; dissemination of information on language competence, literacy and reading difficulties among stakeholders, especially teachers and scientists; assistance to research into reading, literacy and language competences; fostering of interest and development of skills in reading according to individual capabilities.

Reading is considered a complex process with related activities that facilitate understanding, using and enjoying the reading (discussing, drawing, writing and other creative activities). A great emphasis is placed on overcoming reading difficulties and the Association has a dyslexia special interest group.

It also organises training events and conferences, and passes information to the International Reading Association and IRA member states.

The Association has successfully implemented a number of projects which are largely orientated towards addressing teacher training issues and working directly with children.

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