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Zeit Punkt Lesen - Leseland Niederösterreich

Address Landhausboulevard Haus 5, Top 29-30
 3109 St. Pölten
E-Mail: office@zeitpunktlesen.at
Internet: http: / / www.zeitpunktlesen.at / de / index.php
Phone: +43 (2742) 210 40 - 30

Zeit Punkt Lesen“ is a reading initiative in the federal state of Lower Austria, which was initiated by councillor Sobotka, starting in 2006. Children and youth are thus supported in their process of reading right from the beginning. They are inspired with a motivation for reading in and out of school, in an enjoyable, non-conventional way, taking into account that the acquisition and maintenance of reading skills are closely related to social backgrounds and their estimation of reading. Activities include “Leo`s reading maze“, a mobile read-and-play course for primary school children, the children`s theatre and book “Leo reads“, the interactive computer game “Leo – a Lowr Austrian rabbit“, intending to animate children to read in a playful, enjoying manner, and furthermore creating parental awareness of how important reading competence is for the development, socialisation and the vocational pathways of children. Diverse projects are put into practice in the area of reading promotion, in collaboration with many co-operation partners.

 Leo`s reading maze - promoting reading in Lower Austria
 Leo’s reader passport event for primary schools in Lower Austria
 Ready, steady, read: A reading jigsaw puzzle in Lower Austria
 The read-and-play course “Leo’s treasure hunt” in Lower Austria