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Association of Library and Information professionals of the Czech Republic

Address Klementinum 190
 110 00 Praha 1
 Tschechische Republik
E-Mail: vit.richter@nkp.cz
Internet: http: / / skip.nkp.cz / english / index_e.htm
Phone: +420 221 663 338
Fax: +420 221 663 375

The Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (SKIP) is a voluntary professional organization established in spring of 1990, following in the footsteps of a professional association of the same name which came into being at the time of the Prague Spring in 1968 but was abolished by the Ministry of the Interior in the summer of 1970.

SKIP tries to raise the standards of library and information work. It organizes professional and social contacts among library and information professionals, cooperates with libraries and information work-places, participates in the professional training of specialists and contributes to the lifelong education of library and information professionals. It develops contacts with similar professional organizations both at home and abroad. Since 1990, SKIP is a member of IFLA – the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. It cooperates with library associations from neighbouring and other European countries as well as with embassies and their institutions concerned with librarianship. Every year, the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic prepares several projects with the aim of promoting reading and the use of libraries.

 A Night with Hans Christian Andersen (libraries in the Czech Republic)
 Library of the Year Award (Czech Republic)
 LIBRARY THE FRIEND (Czech Republic prize for children’s libraries)
 Library Week (Czech Republic)
 My Book - Search for the Czech population`s most popular book
 Read it before Hollywood does (posters as an incentive to reading) -Czech Republic
 The Great October Group Readings (Czech Republic)
 The INFORUM Prize (Czech award for electronic information design)
 Where the World Ends (new ways of promoting reading in the Czech Republic)
 Zdeňek Václav Tobolka Honorary Medallion